Top 10 visual / graphic novels of all time

Graphic novels became popular in the 80s because of outstanding storylines, amazing graphics, and in-depth characterization. Here is a list of the best graphic novels of all time.

1. Maus
Art Spiegelman authored Maus, a story based on his father’s experience as a Holocaust survivor and a Polish Jew. This was the first graphic novel to win a Pulitzer. It is a mix of biography, history, and fiction.

2. Batman: The Dark Night Returns
Frank Miller narrates the story of an old Bruce Wayne, coming out of retirement to fight crime once again, despite being hunted by police and the government. Young Carrie Kelley comes in as his new eager sidekick as he battles the mutant gang that has taken over Gotham. Bruce also faces off with old friend Superman on the orders of the president.

3. Watchmen
Alan Moore pens the Watchmen. The story revolves around Rorschach, a semi-retired superhero who investigates the murder of The Comedian. He finds out a plot to eliminate all costumed vigilantes. He warns his former comrades and finds himself in the midst of a conspiracy.

4. 300
Frank Miller’s 300 tells the story of King Leonidas of Sparta and the great Battle of Thermopylae. Though Miller stretched historical facts and truths, no other graphic novel has been able to engage readers in reading up about history like 300.

5. V for Vendetta
Alan Moore wrote V for Vendetta, a story about V, a revolutionist who single-handedly killed his captors in an elaborate ruse and planted anarchy in the minds of the people.

6. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Alan Moore pens the story that is The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Campion Bond puts together a group of people with extraordinary abilities to protect the British Empire. Bond gathers Mina Murray, Captain Nemo, Allan Quartermain, Dr. Henry Jekyll, and Hawley Griffin, the Invisible Man.

7. A Contract with God
Wil Eisner pens the graphic novel, A Contract with God, a story about Frimme Hesh and his faith. As a young Jewish boy in Russia, he wrote a contract with God to do good deeds. This he carries out into adulthood. Living in New York as an adult, he adopts baby Rachele. But when she dies, he loses his faith.

8. Hellboy
Hellboy is from the imagination of writer-artist Mike Mignola. Hellboy was borne out a ritual performed by Nazi occultists. Professor Trevor Bruttenholm of the Allied Forces raises him as his own son. As he grew up as an adult, he fights against the supernatural, the paranormal, the Nazis, and dark forces threatening the world.

9. Y: The Last Man
Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra pen the story of Yorick Brown, the last surviving male on the planet. When all living mammals with the Y chromosome die, it is a mystery how Yorick escaped the androcide. He goes to find Dr. Allison Mann to learn how he survived and to figure out a way to save mankind from extinction.

10. Jimmy Corrigan, the smartest kid on Earth
Chris Ware writes Jimmy Corrigan, a socially awkward adult who touches base with his estranged father. Through his engaging storytelling and art, this poignant story comes to life, how Jimmy deals with his expectations of his father and reality.