Most suspenseful thriller movies of all time

People love thrillers because of the adrenaline rush they get from watching it, and getting a kick out of guessing plot twists accurately then get delightfully surprised when proven wrong. Here are the best picks of all time. The ultimate new thriller movies list is to be found on The Vore, but our pick of all time favorites should be just as good!

1. The Sixth Sense

A film by M. Night Shyamalan, The Sixth Sense tells the story of a young boy who could see and talk to ghosts. Noted child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe takes interest in the case and befriends the young boy to help him. It was nominated for Academy and British Academy Film awards.

2. The Silence of the Lambs

Jonathan Demme helms the iconic The Silence of the Lambs where a newbie FBI agent asked for help from imprisoned serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter to solve an ongoing serial murder case. This film is the first and only horror film that bagged the Best Picture award from the Academy Awards.

3. Se7en

David Fincher directs Sev7en which stars Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, and Brad Pitt. Detectives track down a serial murderer who takes inspiration from the 7 deadly sins as the theme of his crimes. It brought home awards from the MTV Movie Awards and Saturn Awards.

4. North by Northwest

North by Northwest is a film by Alfred Hitchcock. A case of mistaken identity, Cary Grant is pursued by secret government officials across the US, thinking he is “George Kaplan.” It was named as one of the greatest movies ever made by the Writers Guild of America and the American Film Institute.5.

The Manchurian Candidate

John Frankenheimer produces and directs The Manchurian Candidate in 1962. POW Raymond Shaw was turned into a sleeper agent by an international communist organization to control the US government. The production was critically acclaimed and was included in the American Film Institute’s best thrillers movie list.

6. The Third Man

Directed by Carol Reed, The Third Man is about an American writer who flies to Vienna to see an old friend. He learns of his friend’s sudden death upon his arrival and seeks to find out the truth behind his friend’s death. The movie is on the British Film Institute’s Top 100 Films list and the American Film Institute’s.7.

7. Vertigo

Alfred Hitchcock directs and produces Vertigo, a film about a police detective who retires early because of acrophobia and vertigo. It is classified as a Hitchcock classic and is named by the British and American Film Institute as one of the greatest American movies of all time.

8. The Usual Suspects

Bryan Singer helms the movie written by Christopher McQuarrie about the investigation of a massacre, based on the testimony of a suspect-survivor, and the involvement of a mob boss called Keyser Soze. The Usual Suspects was critically acclaimed and performed well at the box office.

9. Zodiac

David Fincher helms Zodiac from the screenplay written by James Vanderbilt. It is based on one of the US’ most infamous unsolved serial crimes in the late 60s to the early 70s committed by the “Zodiac.” It won Best Picture in the Dublin Film Festival in 2007 and was nominated for various awards.

10. LA Confidential

Curtis Hanson writes, directs, and co-produces LA Confidential, a film about how a Hollywood celebrity got involved in corruption in the police force. It stars Kevin Spacey, Kim Basinger, Danny DeVito and newbies Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce.