5 Sites like DailyFX & Forex Factory : Similar FX market places & News sites

Trading foreign exchange is a growing niche in the overall financial market and many companies have jumped on the bandwagon. As it is a trending topic now, a lot of information is also available on the internet. Sites like DailyFX and Forex Factory have come to the forefront in giving reliable, accurate information when it comes to forex and its trade. These sites also feature some brokers like IC Markets. Other sites like these DailyFX and Forex Factory are:


Babypips is a fun website to explore if you are a newbie in the forex trading market. They take it very seriously to make it fun for you to learn the business. You won’t find highfalutin jargon here. They are like forex trading for dummies but an upgraded web version. They offer news, tutorials, glossary, forums, and even quizzes on forex. They also have other tools like a forex calendar and a forex calculator. You won’t drown on financial mumbo-jumbo if you refer to Babypips.com.


Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, FXStreet shares valuable insights and expertise in forex trading and the forex market. They cater to individuals, brokers, and companies alike. Their site is jam-packed with news, trading information, trends, analysis, and economic calendars to name a few. In addition, they provide free webinars with experts sharing their knowhow in currency trading. Their objective is to make everyone an expert in the business by providing accurate and up-to-date information regarding the market.


For people who want to get the lowdown on what is going on in forex trading, Bettertrader.co should be your go-to. Teeming with the latest news and updated analysis on what is happening in the forex trading market around the world, you would never be left behind. Launched in 2011, Traderbase is under the umbrella of iForex. It invites experts from all around the globe to weigh on news and events related to forex trading.


What started out as a personal project of a university student in Finland in 1995 became a full-blown project. Originally called Rates in 2004, it gives basic information for newbies regarding the foreign exchange trading market, which includes a glossary of terms. It gives predictions and volatility information, visualizations, and summaries. The website came to be because of a lack of a more global perspective in the market, and it was more focused on the American dollar, at the time of its inception.


IFR Markets

Thomson Reuters is one of the established names in mass media, specifically in the area of business. Thomson Reuters’ International Financing Review (IFR) gathers expert advice and insights for senior professionals in the field of finance. Business leaders and financial institutions and professionals rely on information from IFR to make intelligent and informed decisions pertaining to their business.