You’ve Been Packing Wrong All This Time – Here’s An Epic Trick You Need To Know

Since every airline now charges a fortune for checking baggage, more people opt to travel with carry-on bags and nothing else. However, there is always a limit to the size of the carry-on you”re allowed to bring aboard. Due to these restrictions, the art of smart packing is now even more necessary than ever before.

The method in this how-to video by travel experts Travel Noire shows how you can fit a week”s worth of clothes into your carry-on luggage by using a unique bundling method. It”s incredibly handy for those of us who travel quite a lot.

(source Travel Noire)

I”ll definitely try this the next time I fly. The best part about it is that folding like this actually prevents the clothes from creasing too much in the bag. Just remember to unfold everything when you reach your destination.