Your Worst Nightmares Are Actually Very, Very Real. I’ll Never Watch These Movies The Same Again.

If you”re the type of person who can”t keep their eyes open during a scary movie, you might not want to read any further. Not only are these movies terrifying to simply sit and watch in the comfort of your own home, but they are all inspired by things that actually happened. Some origins are tamer than others, filmmakers throwing in embellishments to make them spooky, but others are downright chilling. Scroll on…if you dare.

1. The Amityville Horror

1. <em>The Amityville Horror</em>

2. The Conjuring

2. <em>The Conjuring</em>

3. Jaws

3. <em>Jaws</em>

4. Open Waters

4. <em>Open Waters</em>

5. From Hell

5. <em>From Hell</em>

6. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Silence of the Lambs and Psycho

6. <em>The Texas Chainsaw Massacre</em>, <em>The Silence of the Lambs</em> and <em>Psycho</em>

7. Dracula

7. <em>Dracula</em>

8. The Hills Have Eyes

8. <em>The Hills Have Eyes</em>

9. The Snake and the Rainbow

9. <em>The Snake and the Rainbow</em>

10. The Rite

10. <em>The Rite</em>

11. The Strangers

11. <em>The Strangers</em>

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