Your Cat Is Talking To You, And This Video Will Help You Understand It!

Your pet cat is actually capable of communication. If you love cats, this might be the final revelation you need to prove to your friends why it is so awesome to have one of these feline creatures living with you. But in reality, the cat’s way of communicating with humans is real and they have multiple ways of doing so, depending on what it is they are feeling.

Meowing, is a form of communicating that according to research seems to be tailored to the particular cat’s owner. Throughout the years, a cat will find a way to meow only when it knows that it will lead to something, whether it be help or simply showing that the cat is bored and wants to play.

Purring on the other hand, can be a sign that the cat is content or maybe that it is sick or injured. This is a way for the cat to say “Please stick around” because it needs your attention and care.

As for the rub on your leg after you’ve come home from outside, it simply means that the cat is happy to be reunited with you once again. So while you might think that food is the only agenda behind the interaction with your feline pet, there is a much greater reason behind all the signs and clues.