Your Cat Is Hardcore Judging You For Your Bad Decisions This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time full of sugary goodness, yummy spiked “nog, and mulled wine (and you won”t believe how many calories are in your favorite holiday snacks). Many of us see this time of the year as a time to be carefree, indulge, and enjoy the merriment with our loved ones. This guy is totally into it:

“I feel you.”

But some of our other feline friends are passing some serious judgment on our festive life choices. What gives? I”m not sure where all this hostility is coming from, but I”m feeling it, and it”s intense.

“Isn”t that, like, your fifth cookie?”


“It”s not even noon yet.”

“What do you mean you texted him twice in a row?”

“He”s probably celebrating with his family. Put… the wine… down.”

“I”m not even going to comment on that terrible sweater you”re wearing.”


“I guess it”s none of my business how many eggnogs you have today…”

"I guess it

“Just remember that just because you drink it, doesn”t mean it doesn”t have calories.”

“If you play Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber”s Christmas song ONE more time…”

"If you play Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber

“I can”t look at you any more. Wake me up when you either stop snacking on gingerbread cookies, or stop talking about your “diet.””

"I can

“Is it just the light in here, or is there cream cheese frosting on your face?”

“I can stay under the bed when your boyfriend gets here, right…?”

“Uh… Sure, I”ll try your homemade egg salad. It hasn”t been sitting in the car, has it? Ugh.”

"Uh... Sure, I

“So, that”s how many glasses of wine?”

"So, that

“Your teeth are turning purple. I know you haven”t been eating purple Fruit Roll-Ups…”

"Your teeth are turning purple. I know you haven

“Seriously, tell your boyfriend to put me down. I want to go hide under the bed with Ralph.”

“I hate this guy.”

“Did you just take a candy cane off the tree and eat it?”

“Who DOES that?”

“I don”t know what to do with you, human.”

"I don

“Gross. I saw you drop that cookie on the floor, smell it, and then eat it. Just, gross.”

“You”re not fooling ANYone with those Sara Lee cookies. Homemade my tail.”


“I am ashamed that you”re my human.”

"I am ashamed that you

“…You have sprinkles in your hair.”

“Am I gonna have to take your keys from you tonight? Keep it together, Susan.”

“I can take your key, but I can”t drive you home. I”m just a cat.”

Ouch, they”re so catty! Let a person live a little – it”s a celebratory time of year!

“Listen, don”t pay attention to those guys. This is the time do be merry and enjoy yourself! New Year”s resolutions are SO five days from now.”

"Listen, don

Hey, I like you, big guy. Want to split a Santa cookie?