You’ll Never Believe What This Fox Did With The Food These People Gave Him

Ah, the sandwich. It”s been a staple of the modern lunch for eons, and its reputation precedes itself. If you”ve never had a sandwich, you simply haven”t lived. The composition of a sandwich is quite simple. All you need is two slices of bread, some meat in the middle, and any additional frills you want to throw in there, like vegetables and condiments.

Never before have humans seen an animal create a sandwich. That is until now. While feeding this fox bread and meat, the fox almost instinctively started stacking the bread on top of the meat to create his very own sandwich.

People say foxes are clever for a reason.

(via YouTube)

That”s one hungry fox! But then again, who could ever resist the temptations of a delicious sandwich? That”s what I thought. No one.