You’ll Love What One Artist Does To Create This Deliciously Pretty Candy Land

These scenes look like something out of Adventure Time, but they”re actually the charmingly sugary work of Australian artist Tanya Schultz. Schultz, operating under the name Pip & Pop, creates large-scale floor installations full of intricate patterns and tiny landscape features. These installations create a world that looks like it”s made of candy, and sometimes, it is. Schultz is known to use actual candy in her creations, along with colored sand, glitter, toys, beads, and other colorful items.

Peach Blossom, 2014

<em>Peach Blossom</em>, 2014

If you don”t wish you could shrink down and go adventuring through this place, I don”t know what”s wrong with you.

Candy Lab, 2014

<em>Candy Lab, </em>2014

Detail of Candy Lab

Detail of <em>Candy Lab</em>

Girly alien worlds full of candy? Sign me up!

Schultz”s work calls to mind the imaginary landscapes of childhood and its fascination with all things sugar. It also recalls Lisa Frank”s neon designs, as well as a sort of shameless girlishness manifested in an explosion of pure color. At the same time, the meticulous detail and fractal-like patterns make them technically impressive, almost referencing science fiction movie sets and alien worlds.

I Saw A Dream Like This, 2013

<em>I Saw A Dream Like This, </em>2013

Through a Hole in the Mountain, 2014

<em>Through a Hole in the Mountain</em>, 2014

Schultz started Pip & Pop with artist friend Nicole Andrijevic. Andrijevic left the duo in 2011, but Schultz continues to create installations under the name, sometimes alone, and sometimes in collaboration with other artists and friends. Her dreamy, miniature landscapes have been featured in various countries, and you can see more of her work on her website, as well as on Facebook.