You’ll Always Be Prepared For The Plunge With This Adorable Dog

Some dogs like the water and don”t seem to mind bath time. Some even downright revel in it. Others aren”t so keen on the idea of getting wet, and will do anything and everything in their power to avoid the dreaded bath. (These dogs generally treat the whole thing like a traumatic event.)

Then there are the kind of dogs who, while they”re not going to outright reject bath time, will approach it warily and with preparedness. This preparedness comes in the form of air swimming. Before these dogs even hit the water, their little feet start paddling. You can never be too careful in the water, guys. Take it from this little bundle of joy named Maruko:

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“The suspense is killing meee!”

“…Okay, this is seriously underwhelming for all of my anticipation.”

You can see more of this fuzzy wonder on Tommy Returnables” Instagram.