You Won’t Sleep Tonight When You See What These 10 Videos Have In Common

A few weeks ago, we attempted to prove the existence of ghosts by taking a look at some of the most convincing ghost videos on YouTube. However, in the weeks since, your resident “Editor of the Weird” found a few more ghostly videos that might win over some of the non-believers from last time. These real moments captured the videographers” glimpses of the paranormal from their perspectives. They must be seen to be believed.

Let”s have a look, shall we?

1. Ghostly Orb In The Theater.

2. Shadowy Figure Caught On Camera.

3. Gettysburg Ghosts.

4. The Famous Disneyland Ghost.

5. Ghost On A Farm In The Middle Of The Day.

6. Restaurant Ghost.

7. Pizzeria Ghost.

8. Woman Walking Through A Ghost.

9. The Blockbuster Video Ghost.

10. Kitchen Ghost.

I think these are all fairly convincing. Of course, it”s always possible that there is a hoax going on, but I feel these 10 videos are all pretty authentic. Their realism just makes the whole thing that much more terrifying.