You Should Listen To Everything Gary Vaynerchuk Says About The Internet

If you don’t know Gary, get familiar. He’s an internet and motivation guru you need to have in your life.

If you don't know Gary, get familiar. He's an internet and motivation guru you need to have in your life.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a social media juggernaut, an author of four very popular books with more on the way, and a genuine internet phenomenon. Through hard work, Gary transformed his passion into his career, just like he has been advising people to do for many years.

From helping the family business to one of wine’s greatest champions

From helping the family business to one of wine's greatest champions

After graduating from college, Gary decided to help out the family business. He grew Wine Library from a profitable but small-scale operation to an over $50 million a year business. How? Being there 7 AM to 10 PM every day. He also created WineLibraryTV, a frequent online show that managed to make wine sexy in the digital age.

Around 2009, Gary created VaynerMedia, to help brands tell their stories in a new, crowded social media landscape. He was also giving talks like this one about doing what you love. I watched this video 2009, and a few months later I drove from Boston to LA to pursue my own passion.


How to actually care in social media

How to actually care in social media

After the above exchange happened on Twitter, Daniel Bentley received 240 eggs within an hour. It’s just one example of how Gary practice what he preaches: genuinely connecting with your users on any social media platform and in any way you can. Gary personally responds to hundreds of e-mails/tweets/etc. a day, and he encourages brands to get in touch with their users, and foster a relationship, in the same manner.

On the cutting edge

On the cutting edge

Vine launched January 24, 2013. Five months later, most people were just hearing about it for the first time. Gary, on the other hand, was already launching a digital agency (Grapestory) to connect upcoming Vine stars to companies. It’s now the de facto place to go to get Vine and Snapchat stars (with huge followings) to incorporate your product in their hilarious videos.

Despite how insanely busy Gary is, he’s always making time to get deep with people and help them accomplish their own goals. Here, he speaks to a common psychological understanding of facing who in your life you’re scared to let down.


Keep Gary’s advice close at hand and you will win at the internet

Keep Gary's advice close at hand and you will win at the internet

If a social network came out today, Gary would have instructions on how to use it to further your passions or help your company. You need to follow him immediately and heed his advice. Watch how he engages with users and puts out specialized content unique to each social platform:

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