Years After Buying This Van, This Mother Made A Horrible Discovery

Melodie Peil thought she was making a sensible choice when she bought a used 1990 Chevy in the early 2000s. The car was primarily intended for safely shuttling her family around. It seemed like she was right in her decision, too. It wasn”t until 13 pounds of marijuana were discovered behind one of the van”s panels when Peil got to thinking that perhaps she did not make the right car selection.

Peil”s 1990 Chevy Van


If you have any doubts that the discovery of marijuana in her automobile was a surprise to Peil, consider that she took this vehicle through over 10 border patrol checkpoints. 10! Whoever hid that marijuana was so good at it, even they forgot it was there. After Peil found the pot, she was sure to call it in to the local police department. After inspecting the van, the police cleared Peil and decided it was likely the work of a previous drug trafficking owner.

What else do they have in there?

What else do they have in there?

(via KPTV)

As you can probably imagine, the Peils aren”t looking to take any more chances with their drugged-out van. They will be taking it to a border patrol checkpoint where it can be x-rayed and searched deeply. Police have disposed of the marijuana in the van, but Peil still carries with her the embarrassment of unwittingly being a drug mule for over a decade.