Working Out Is Hard, But It Shouldn’t Be As Hard As It Was For This Hilarious Cat

Let”s face it, we can”t all be as smooth as this guy is when it comes to treadmill blunders.


Sometimes, especially if you”re a cat, these fancy contraptions can be really difficult to get the hang of.

“What ARE you?”

“Okay, this isn”t so bad…”

"Okay, this isn

“Why can”t I just–“

"Why can


“Now what?”

“Maybe if I try from over here…”

“Easy, easy, you got this..”

“Nope, nope, nopenopenope!”

“Mayday! Abort!”

“Whyyy I oughta!”

“I”ll get you someday!”


(source ignoramusky)

Oh, precious kitty, I have faith that you will master the art of treadmill walking one day. I know, it”s difficult, and it seems like a truly impossible task, but you”ll get there. Show that treadmill who”s boss!