With Just A Glass Of Water And A Glass Of Wine, Something Miraculous Will Happen

One of the many miracles that Jesus performed in the Bible was the act of turning water into wine. No one is quite sure how he did it, and it was eventually just counted as one of the many miracles he performed throughout his life. While no one can explain how Jesus cured lepers, walked on water, or rose from the dead, perhaps an explanation could be made about the whole water-to-wine act.

This crafty science hack might be the explanation we have all been looking for. Using simple science, we can all turn water into wine!

(via DaveHax)

Perhaps Jesus was privy to this information back in the day. Either way, I am excited to try this when I get home and trick my friends into thinking that I”m a miracle worker. After all, isn”t that all we want out of life? To impress our friends? I sure think so.

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