Why The Cinematic Adventure Is So Much Better Without Previews.

How many times have you watched a movie preview and then felt like you’ve already seen the movie? Or even better, how many times have you gone to see a movie and realize at the end, almost all of the key scenes were in the preview? Sometimes the previews are so in depth that they even go as far as showing final scenes to where anyone with even the lamest of imaginations would be able to put together the movie.


I’m a huge movie buff; I think they might be the single best form of entertainment available to us as human beings, and we are lucky to live in a day where the visual aspects of movies are so far beyond what they used to be. With the digital enhancements and the high resolution cameras being used now, I feel like even the slightest glimpse of the movie beforehand completely spoils the the movie experience when you actually get to see the movie. Why do you think there is such a term as “spoiler alert”. Movie previews are just a bunch of mini spoilers.


I know there are people that agree with me out there. I know this because there is actually a good movie preview out there. I guess its not technically a preview its more of a “teaser” and that is the Official Teaser of the very first Transformers movie in 2007. It was short, sweet and to the point. It didn’t show a single scene and yet I had more desire to see that movie then any other before that.

However I must admit, I haven’t willingly watched a preview in years. When I go to movies at the theater I will intentionally get there 15 minutes late just to miss the previews, but I’m also slightly psychotic about not missing even 5 seconds of the first part of a movie to the point of walking out and going to another movie. So ideally it’s better to have somebody that can play lookout for me, and text me when the lights go down that it’s safe to come in. Even this past weekend I’m at a Super Bowl Party at a friends house and all of the sudden I jump up and run out of the room because the new Captain America preview is coming on.

This is madness people! These movie previews have got to stop!
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