When This Poor Little Deer Got Stuck In A Fence, One Man Risked His Safety To Set It Free

Simon from the Wildlife Aid Foundation is back with yet another daring animal rescue. This time, the veteran wildlife hero and his team were called out to rescue a male roe deer that had managed to get himself stuck in a fence. It”s a situation that Simon sees all too often, because when deer are able to fit their shoulders through a space, they think they”ll be able to get the rest through as well. As you can see here, that”s not always the case.

This rescue was particularly risky for Simon, since he had to jump over a spiked fence to get to the deer. He and two kind volunteers pulled out all the stops to ensure that this little deer made it out of the situation alive.

(source Wildlife Aid)

I”m sure the sight of that deer running off into the woods after being set free makes up for all of Simon”s bumps and bruises.

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