When This Man Was Pushed Onto The Subway Tracks, He Had Some Unexpected Saviors

Subway trains are incredibly helpful for transportation in the big city, but they”re also incredibly dangerous vehicles to be around. If you aren”t careful, you could be struck by a train and lose some valuables, a limb, or even your life. That is why it is important to always remain vigilant when you”re near the tracks.

Yet sometimes, nothing you can do will save you. Unfortunately, we deal with psychopaths today that will randomly shove people onto the tracks, hoping that the oncoming train takes their life. It”s disgusting, but it”s the sad truth.

When this man was shoved onto the tracks, some bystanders in the area came together to save him from an untimely death. Their kindness saved his life, preventing an unnecessary and malicious event from happening.

Source: Youths risk lives to rescue man pushed onto subway track by rumblestaff on Rumble

(via rumble)

That man is extremely lucky those people were around to save him. Otherwise, who knows what kind of fate he would have suffered? I sincerely hope that the man who shoved him was reprimanded for his heinous actions.

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