When This Horrible Ad For A Lost Truck Went Viral, Something Awesome Happened

When Zaira Salazar of Sonora, Mexico, had her truck stolen, she didn’t know what to do. When she ran out of options, she turned to Facebook to see if people would help her find it. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a picture of the truck, so she took a more artistic approach.

The only downside was that she had no artistic talent to speak of, but when she posted the shoddy drawing online, something hysterical happened.

“It’s gray with a black roof,” Zaira explained. “If you see it, please call me.”

That’s when Facebook users spread the word by using her drawing in a series of hilarious memes. They show the truck doing things like partaking in drag races.

And being stopped by the police.

This version of the truck even got a nice paint job!

Here it is being towed away.

This one’s sitting in someone’s backyard for safekeeping.

Who wouldn’t want a toy version of this thing?

Zaira’s story became so popular that a local Chevy dealership promised her a new truck if her plea for help reached one million views!

As it turns out, however, all of those memes paid off! Her truck was eventually found.

And when they caught the thief, they decided to give him a makeover.

Even though her truck was found, the folks over at the Chevy dealership kept their promise. Her video reached a million views, and she was given a brand-new truck!


El momento justo en el que la publicación logró superar el millón de “likes”¡¡¡Felicidades Zaira!!!

Posted by Periódico La Voz on Saturday, December 12, 2015

This story proves that the Internet can be an awesome tool. Even if you personally hate Facebook, I have the distinct feeling that this woman is all about it.