When This Flight Was Grounded Because Of Storms, The Crew Did Something Awesome

Is there anything worse than being stuck on a delayed flight? I think not. You”re usually sitting next to people you don”t know, it”s cramped, and the bathroom always smells awful. All you want to do is get to your destination, so nothing ruins your day quite like a few extra hours on the tarmac.

Well, the crew at Delta Airlines recently did something to cheer the passengers up when their flight was delayed. From the looks of it, the gesture was much appreciated.

The crew ordered pizza for everyone on board and served it up!

Pizza is way better than airline food anyway, right?

I bet more people are wishing for their flights to be delayed now.

(via elitedaily)

These people went above and beyond to keep spirits up, and the customers really appreciated it. I”m sure more people will be flying Delta because of the hospitality shown by that crew. Kudos, Delta!

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