When This Duck Walks Up To His Lamb Friend, He Does Something Ridiculously Cute

It”s not surprising that life on the farm can get a little messy for all the animal cuties enjoying their rural digs, but you probably didn”t realize how adorable the cleanup could be, too.

This lovely lamb named Winter is known for his gentle nature, and he”s at his sweetest when it comes to his best duck buddy. It may seem like the feathered friend is simply pecking at Winter, but the affectionate nips are actually snagging every speck of dirt from his messy wool.

Winter just relaxes and lets his bestie take care of all the dirty work!

(via Storyful)

Aside from being super adorable, it”s also an amazing sign of how much these two sweeties trust and love each other. This is so much cuter than any best friend bracelet.