When This Bride And Groom Stepped Onto The Dance Floor, They Left Guests Speechless

Who says the first dance at a wedding has to be a slow and sappy affair? Certainly not Karolina and Wojtek. Here”s an awesome video of their first dance, and you”ll see why they chose the footwear they did.

The couple debuted their moves in front of friends and family at their wedding, doing a simple but energetic routine to Benny Goodman”s “Sing, Sing, Sing.” And if you think you”d never be able to pull something like this off, that”s okay. You probably can. It took the couple nine months of practice to nail their routine!

(via YouTube/Green Design Landscape Architecture)

Karolina and Wojtek have now been married for three years, and they both work in landscape architecture today.

Take a bow!