When These Men Found This Baby Fox Cub In Need, They Did Something So Inspiring

Cats aren”t the only ones whose curiosity can often get the best of them. Most young critters, humans included, choose the “investigate first, ask questions later” approach to learning about the new world around them. Unfortunately, that can get them into some pretty sticky situations.

This little fox cub found himself in one when rescuers from East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service discovered him wandering around a field with his head stuck inside a plastic tub. It had clearly been there awhile, as it had gotten so tight around his neck. Sadly, the poor little thing couldn”t eat or drink.

Using medical scissors, the crew carefully freed him from the tub:

(source East Sussex WRAS)

The cutie was taken into their facility, where he received 24-hour round-the-clock care. Thankfully, he wasn”t wounded too badly. He should be able to reunite with his mom…

And nuzzle up with her in no time!

And nuzzle up with her in no time!

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