When These Cats Dive Off Of An Icy Pier, They’re So Confused By What They Find

If you really want to see a cat’s eyes light up, just give them a good whiff of some fresh fish. Their little brain goes nuts for the seafood delight.

Unfortunately for this feline duo, they can’t quite get their paws on the fish they found under frozen water. Not for lack of (adorable) trying, of course. Alas, their silly attempts are no match for the water’s protective shield of ice.

“Follow me, dude, I see lunch!”

“Be careful, you don’t want to spook it.”


“Wait, why don’t I gotcha?”

“Why isn’t this working???”

“Hey, this is harder than it looks!”

“Ugh, whatever, I wasn’t that hungry anyway.”

Sorry, fuzzballs. Maybe you’ll have better luck just raiding the grocery store tuna. But you totally get an A for effort.