When It Was Time to Move, This Boy Had To Say Goodbye To His Unlikely Friend

Do you remember your first friend? I still keep in touch with mine whenever possible. Yet some people aren”t so lucky. After all, there”s a chance you moved around as a kid, or your that your friend had to move instead.

However, one little boy will always remember his first friend. In fact, you could say that we”ll all remember their friendship, since it”s quite out of the ordinary which makes it really special.

This is Deacon. He”s only two, but he already has a best friend.

This is Deacon. He

This is O”Dee. He”s a sanitation worker, and Deacon”s home is on his weekly route.

This is O

O”Dee and Deacon got to know each other and became really good friends.

Sadly, Deacon and his family are moving, and O”Dee won”t be working near their new home. They”ll still remember each other forever.

Sadly, Deacon and his family are moving, and O

Summer, Deacon”s mom, is expecting another child, and needs a bigger home to accommodate her growing family. Regardless of the move, these two friends will always share a special bond.

Check out the inseparable pair in action below, and see just how great they are together!

(source WFAA)

I hope Deacon is able to stay in touch with O”Dee. If not, he”ll look back on their friendship years from now and remember exactly how this kind man changed his life forever. Until then, Deacon has a new friend coming into his life. After his time with O”Dee, I bet he”ll know a thing or two about being an amazing big brother.

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