When It Comes To Mealtime, This Bird Believes That Sharing Is Caring

Most pets find their food waiting for them in a bowl, but this dog and cat have their very own delivery system…whether they want it or not.

Their adorable bird buddy, Cha Cha, loves sharing her own food pellets with her patient four-legged friends. An Australian white-winged chough, she dotes on Kitten and Skye respectively like a loving mom, but something tells me they were already pretty stuffed by the time the camera started rolling.

“Ah, medium rare, just how I like it.”

“Okay, I guess one more bite won”t ruin my diet.”

"Okay, I guess one more bite won

Watch the whole adorable clip below:

(source Loz Westley)

It”s just like when your grandma forces seconds on you at Thanksgiving…but just a bit more adorable. (Sorry, Grandma.)

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