When Huskies Throw Temper Tantrums, They Really Commit

Listen. I was a professional tantrum thrower as a kid. I knew the level of foot-stomping, hair-flipping, exasperated commitment that went into pulling off fits of epic proportions. As it turns out, so do huskies.


They’re so gifted in the art of throwing hissy fits, in fact, that my four-year-old self doesn’t hold a candle to their exasperated sass. Did someone really put up that baby gate? Yup. Did your parents force you to take a bath against your will? Sure did. You know what that means? IT’S ANGER TIME.

As it turns out, husky tantrums are way cuter than those of the human variety.


I’d like to formally apologize to my parents right now, because I know that I was nowhere near this cute when I succumbed to toddler rage.