When His Wife Passed Away, He Did Something Beautiful To Honor Her Memory

Losing a loved one is never something you can prepare yourself for.

Whether they’re taken unexpectedly young or at a very old age, there’s no way to fully anticipate or come to peace with the end. But when it does arrive, we all have our own ways of dealing with the grief.

When Emperor_Zar‘s wife passed away too soon, he was left with their beautiful children and countless mementos of their life together. His house was spotted with tons of candles they had purchased and used up over the last year. They’d just about met their end, but the widower decided, instead of throwing them out, he would make something new with them.

First, he gathered all of the candles together.

He used an old candle jar and bought a new wick.

He began melting the wax down — he recommends heating to one notch above the lowest setting on your range.

Slowly but surely, he layered the waxes on top of each other.

Each wax carried a scent that reminds him of his wife.

“True Rose was my wife’s ultimate favorite. It was a must to use this jar,” the Reddit user notes.

Emperor_Zar says, “In my mind’s eye I thought that making this candle would be a good way to remember her.”

He believes that his wife would have loved this as a gift and he’s happy that he got to make it with his youngest son.

(source Reddit)

What an incredible way to carry on the memory of his late wife. Now the house will smell like love until the last flame goes out.