When A New Kitten Was Introduced To The Gang, The Owners Were Nervous – ‘Til This

Kittens, with their tiny, sharp claws, are a real handful. They”ve got so much energy, and when they”re not taking a cat nap, they”re constantly looking for something to play with.

Koda”s now-owners found the orphaned kitten near their house and brought him in. Luckily for the little one, he met his brother from another mother, Keelo, a five-year-old Golden. It”s unclear what the tiny tyke”s life was like before, but now he”s got a giant buddy to play with and pounce on. They”re pretty much the cutest furry couple now.

“Why”s your nose so big and mine”s not?”


“Ahh, who cares. As long as I can play with it!”

“One question though…”

“Will I get to be as big as you one day?!”

(source Keelo and Koda)

Sorry, kitty, but you”re not going to be as big as that pup. I”m sure you”ll always be besties, though!