When A Baby Elephant Sees A Human For The First Time, Her Response Is Priceless

It can be a spooky experience to meet a species you”ve never seen before. Heck, every time I look at a platypus, I”m a little weirded out because I have a hard time understanding what”s even going on with its face (and body).

So what happens when a baby elephant meets a human for the first time? Well…

“What is this…”

“Where”s your trunk? Why is your trunk so teeny?!”


“How about you, other tall elephant with two feet…why don”t you have a trunk either?!”

"How about you, other tall elephant with two feet...why don



Watch all of the adorable madness below!

(source amystan)

Looks like it”s time for someone”s mom to talk to her little one about all the different creatures who roam the earth! Or…she could just skip that talk so we can get more adorable footage like this until the baby figures it out on her own? I think you know what my vote is…

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