What’s The Possibility That YOUR Job Will Be Performed By Machines And How Soon?

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be alive. We all have powerful computers in our pockets. Machines are constantly being created that make our lives easier. We can be in touch with the entire world with a touch of a button, or order a pizza from Dominos with a single emoji.

But it isn’t long until jobs are taken by machine overlords. There are numerous jobs that are starting to feel threatened by machines already. Like, ordering at McDonald’s. What once was a decent job for a teenager to learn the value of hard work, could easily be replaced by a computer screen.

What jobs are hard for robots to do? Teaching, for one. Mental health and substance abuse social works tend to be in demand. The most at risk are construction workers and service industry jobs. The most likely job to be taken over by robots? Telemarketers, and it’s already happening.

Head over to NPR and enter your job title and see how long you have until a robot kicks you out of a job.

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