What This Street Artist Does With A Bunch Of Junk Is Unreal

Street performers have it rough. Not only is their art disrespected, but they also have to live with the unfair stigma of being seen as less serious than other performers. They work just as hard on their creative ventures as mainstream artists, but they just can’t seem to catch a break.

But if any busker deserves recognition, it’s this guy. Meet Dario Rossi. He’s a street performer who uses pieces of trash, junk, and scrap metal to make magnificent beats. But he’s not like other street performers, because he has a strong technical background from studying music in Rome. Honestly, he’s just really, really entertaining.



(via This Is Colossal)

Give this man a dumpster and he’ll entertain you for hours. With that skill, Mr. Rossi has the ability to play his music almost anywhere in the world. He doesn’t need to lug around any heavy equipment. All he needs to create beautiful beats is the junk around him.