What This Store Sells Is Disturbing For 2016…How Is This Still A Thing?

If you hear that someone wears a cilice, you might not have any idea what they’re talking about. A cilice, also known as a hair shirt, is a piece of clothing (usually a shirt) made from rough cloth or animal hair. The cilice is worn close to the skin to cause discomfort by some extreme religious groups as a sign of penance or atonement.

While these sorts of garments used to be commonplace in some religious circles, they’ve (understandably) fallen out of fashion. Still, though, if you want to atone for your sins, you can buy one online.

The U.K.-based sells hair shirts and other atonement devices for surprisingly affordable prices.

Into self-flagellation? They’ve got you covered there as well.

Of course, I think a pair of consenting adults could find a variety of other uses for these tools beyond atoning for their sins in private.

These whips also come in metallic form.

They’re very explicit about this item: it does NOT come with the metal spikes. I suppose you have to add them on your own?


I’m all for religious freedom, but it still makes me just a little uncomfortable that these things are even for sale in 2016.