What This Squirrel Was Willing To Do To Get His Lunch Is Hilariously Epic

We all know how nutty squirrels can get when it comes to building up their hibernation stash. They”ll go to great lengths – in this case, great heights – to find every little morsel of food they can get their teeny little paws on. Watch this sneaky critter find a very effective way to get to that precious bird food.

“Hmmm, what”s the deal with this plastic umbrella thing?”

"Hmmm, what

“No big deal, I”ll find another way…”

"No big deal, I


“Nailed it.”

I have to say, I”m impressed…

…Especially since he”s just a regular, non-flying, everyday Joe Schmoe of a squirrel. If anything, we can take him as an example of how to use the circumstances dealt to your advantage. Touche, little guy.