What This Man Found After Waking Up From A Nap On His Boat Is So Incredibly Cute

Ah, life on the water. It”s full of wonder, adventure, and sunrises and sunsets over the seemingly endless horizon…it”s a way of being.

Aside from the excitement, you have to earn your sea legs and be ready for hours of solitude out on the open water. You can use this time to reflect upon times gone by…or, you might share it with some unexpected visitors. I”m not talking about sirens or seagulls…I”m talking about the puppies of the sea!

Sailor Michael Duffy was simply napping on his boat when he awoke to some foreign sounds. To his surprise…

This little guy had decided to take a snooze with him!

(source Roger Showley)

Duffy nicknamed this little guy Gilligan, after the lead on Gilligan”s Island. The two definitely seem to share the tendency to get themselves into silly situations!

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