What This Man Did To Save A Drowning Squirrel Is Absolutely Incredible

Rick Gruber, a pool repair man in Phoenix, Arizona, went right into lifeguard mode when he found a tiny ground squirrel floating in a pool. When Rick spotted the small rodent floating in the water, he fished it out and draped it over a piece of PVC pipe.

After remembering what he learned in CPR classes, Rick started gently pushing on the sides of the squirrel”s tiny rib cage, hoping the little critter would spit up any water it swallowed. After a while, the squirrel started breathing again. It managed to regain its strength over the next hour. Rick also managed to capture the whole thing on video.

(source CNN)

The original video of the amazing rescue is just over an hour long, and has now been viewed over two million times. If you have the time, you should watch the whole thing. It”s simply incredible to see such a small creature brought back to life.

(source Rick Gruber)

Now those are healing hands! The fact that he took the time to save that little guy”s life says a lot about his character. I wish there were more Ricks in the world.