What This Guy Did With A WHOLE Bunch Of Meat Is Beyond Genius And Delicious

BBQ bacon sushi

Need I say more? (Probably, because those three words seem as if they have no relation.) You might not think that barbecue sushi is a real thing, but we must bow down to the food gods who gave us this masterful creation. It is SO real.

12 Slices of Bacon
500g Minced beef
2 Sticks of Emmental-type cheese
BBQ sauce
Pickled jalapenos
Roasted onions
Crumbled nachos


Put 6 bacon slices on a sushi rolling mat, season the minced beef with your favourite BBQ rub and apply a thin layer of meat on the bacon.

Place a cheese stick on the meat, roll it up tightly and prepare your Barbecue for indirect heat. Put the Moink-Rolls on an indirect zone of the grill, close the lid and cook for about 35 minutes at 180C / 356F.

Glaze the Moink-Rolls after 25 minutes with a BBQ sauce of your choice and cook for another 10 minutes. Glaze again after 5 minutes.

Coat the ready cooked Moink-Rolls with crubled nachos and/or roasted onions and portion as desired.

Serve the Bacon Sushi with extra BBQ sauce and pickled jalapenos.


You can certainly add this to the list of things I never would have expected to want to eat. Yet now that I know they exist, I can”t do anything to get them out of my mind. Hopefully, sushi and/or BBQ restaurants will start serving this before I have to try making it myself and burn my house down.