What This Dad Built For His Son In Their Backyard Is A Work Of Genius

As children, we all wanted something cool and unique in our backyards that our parents built. If our parents were particularly handy with tools, some of us were lucky enough to have a treehouse, a fort, or even a skateboard ramp. We would play on these homemade playgrounds for hours, and we were beyond thankful to our parents for creating them.

Yet when it comes to backyard builds, this dad takes the cake. When he made his son a roller coaster in their backyard, he knew he”d brought something special into his boy”s life. Witness his awesome creation in action below.

(via VideosWorthSeeing)

I bet your dad didn”t build anything like that! As awesome as our treehouses were, nothing really compares to this dad going above and beyond as a parent and building a backyard roller coaster.

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