What These People Did For A Struggling Baby Elephant Is So Touching. Wow.

The Center for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation and the International Fund For Animal Welfare (IFAW) recently received a call that shocked them into action. The incident was so distressing that, upon arrival, they knew they had to act fast…or it would be too late.

What did they find, and more importantly, what did they do? See for yourself.

(via The Dodo)

According to those on the scene, “[The elephant] was struggling to move and trumpeting, clearly in pain. The elephant was believed to be trapped in the previous night when its herd tried to sneak into the nearby paddy field nearby and somehow this one could have fallen down into the tea garden ditch.”

Rescue workers dug the elephant out after giving it medicine to calm down. The elephant was eventually able to stand up on his own power and walk back into the forest to find his family. “Some people clapped with joy on seeing the animal saved, said Rupa Chaudhary, an IFAW representative. “We all moved to a safe distance from the animal to facilitate his exit from the ditch.”

All we can say is thank you to our heroes of the day. Your work not only saved this baby elephant, but our faith in humanity. Bravo!