What These Guys Found In An Abandoned House Is Nothing Short Of A Nightmare

Warmer weather is finally back, along with all of the unwelcome creepy crawlies it brings — and they”re more than ready to invade your home and life. Ant problems are pretty common, but so are spider infestations. Can you guess which is worse?

A swarm of spiders, of course. Duh.

A group of friends learned this first hand while exploring an abandoned house. Outside, it looked pretty normal. Once inside, though, they realized that the place was crawling with spiders from floor to ceiling. I would”ve sprinted out of there faster than a speeding bullet.

(via YouTube)

Looking more closely at the spiders in this video, it seems like most of them are daddy longlegs, which are thankfully harmless to humans. Still, you should let this video stand as a lesson about what can happen to your home if you don”t have it treated for springtime pests. I already have my exterminator on speed dial.