What She Did With A Single Picture And A Block Of Wood Totally Blew Me Away

If you”re looking for a fresh way to display any image, there”s a simple trick you should know. YouTube user Crystal Hethcote put together a video showing you how to do a photo transfer onto wood. The result is a vintage-looking image “printed” right onto a piece of wood. It looks really professional, but you can easily do it at home. All you need is a regular inkjet printer, a block of smooth sanded wood (ask for scraps at the hardware store), and some inexpensive art supplies.

(via YouTube/Crystal Hethcote)

The cool thing about this project is that it”s not only cheap and easy, it also makes a great gift. Since you”re printing a photo, you can give the same image to multiple people. You can also get really creative with collages! You can even try painting the wood first for a colorful look, or print in color. The possibilities are truly endless!