What She Can Do To Her Own Face Will Leave You Speechless (And Freaked Out)

Face painting is a time-honored tradition at any spring or summer fair, but most of the time you”re forced to make the meager choice between looking like a cat or a skeleton…or to be just another carnival-goer with a crummy star on his cheek.

What about us adults who wanna join in on this face-painting fun but don”t wanna feel like children (even though we”re totally acting like children)? Well check out this sinister, yet beautiful take on face painting art by Redditor morganiclife, who specializes in carnival face paint for those man-children with more refined tastes.

Step off, all you kitties and pirates — this elven princess is gonna be stealing all your precious attention at this year”s fair. I just hope it doesn”t get too hot, or else I”m gonna look like I was trying to paint with my face rather than on it.