What People Woke Up To In This One Town In Russia May Be Pretty, But It’s Bizarre

Off-color snow is never a good thing. I”m sure we”ve all seen black snow caused by cars and garbage. We also all know not to eat the yellow snow for obvious reasons. But what would you make of blue snow?

That”s the question several people had to ask themselves recently when blue snow appeared in Russia. Many were worried at first that it originated from a chemical explosion or some kind of poisonous material in the atmosphere. Fortunately for everyone involved, it appears that the snow turned blue because of a dye plant”s accident in the area.

(via Uproxx)

Though we all know now that it wasn”t anything serious and the dye wasn”t poisonous, it would still be a bit freaky to walk outside and see blue snow covering the ground. It would take me a few days to believe that it wasn”t poisonous, but that”s just me.