What One Photographer Found In This Empty Factory Is Fascinating, But Strange

Even the most successful companies can fail because of one minor social change. The Lebow Brothers Clothing Company in Baltimore, Maryland, was not exempt from this. When the factory started in 1950, it produced thousands of high-end men”s suit jackets every day. As the “60s and “70s hit and office attire began to relax, Lebow Brothers slowly went out of business. The factory was abandoned by 1985.

Matthew Christopher, the photographer behind the Abandoned America series and book, recently visited the factory. Christopher found that the company left many jackets that had finished production in the factory. It”s like walking into a giant, empty closet.

Are you cold this winter? Maybe take a trip down to Maryland and sneak away with a coat from the Lebow Brothers factory. It may be out of style, but heck, it”s a free coat, right?

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