What He’s About To Do At The Top Of This Cliff Will Really Make Your Palms Sweat

When extreme athlete Laso Schaller saw a waterfall with a 200-foot drop, he instantly knew that he had to jump off of it. He assembled a team, worked out all the physics, and prepared to hurl his body over the edge.

On the big day, crowds gathered at the bottom of the falls to watch this man do something that, for most, would seem impossible. Luckily for the spectators, this brave guy followed through with his plan and pulled off a death-defying stunt. And the best part? He attached a camera to his helmet to let us in on the action.


These athletes are courageous, but also a little bit insane. That helmet view made me anxious! But I’m glad people like Schaller exist to give me a glimpse into the life of an adrenaline junkie, because this is as close as I’ll ever get.