What He Put On His Windows Will Make Your Home So Much Warmer In The Winter

It’s no wonder our energy bills skyrocket during the winter. We’re inside more, which means we’re cranking the thermostat way up. While you could sacrifice your comfort to save some money, who wants to be dressed in layers of sweaters and coats when you’re inside? Not us!

In an effort to avoid this, one man shares his money-saving secret for winter heating. All you need is some window tint!

That’s right. Tint your home windows.


It seems simple, but using window film can regulate heat like a boss.


While it almost seems too good to be true, this guy proves it with his electronic thermometer.

You should be careful having kids and pets near the windows, as touching them could be dangerous, but the benefits are definitely worth keeping a more watchful eye on your little ones in the winter!