What He Has To Show You About A ‘Normal’ Cut Of Meat Is Completely Disgusting

You”ve probably never heard of transglutaminase before. However, if you like to indulge every once in a while by ordering a big, juicy steak at a restaurant, then you should know exactly what it is.

More commonly known as meat glue, transglutaminase is a white powder used in leftover strips of beef, lamb, chicken, or fish to glue the meat together and make them seem like a larger, singular piece of meat. These leftovers would normally be thrown out, but by using this meat glue method, many restaurants are creating “Frankensteaks” and selling them as the real deal.

Watch as Greg from Ballistic BBQ sheds some truth about these shady practices and how you can avoid them.

(source Ballistic BBQ)

After watching this, I”ll probably think twice before ordering a cheap ribeye at a restaurant. As with most things, quality is reflected in the price. Hopefully, you now know how to tell the difference between a real steak and a “Frankensteak.”

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