What Happens When You Put A Balloon Over An Open Flame Is Not What You’d Expect

When you were in middle school, there”s a good chance you did a few classroom science projects with balloons. Maybe you learned how to push a skewer through a balloon without it popping, or how to harness the power of oranges to pop one. But no matter how old you are, an awesome, surprising science experiment is always entertaining. If you have a handful of pushpins or a candle at home, you can perform the cool science projects in the video below. I thought I knew what would happen when he held a balloon over a candle…but I was so wrong.

(source DaveHax)

I have some balloons left over from a party I had a few months back. I”m going to try these experiments immediately. Sure, they”re more of a D-I-Why-Not than a DIY…but they”re still so cool!