What Happens When This Man Approaches A Full-Grown Hyena Will Melt Your Heart

When most of us think about adopting a new pet, we usually go with the average dog or cat you can find at a shelter in need of a home. But when Bryan Hawn was feeling lonely and in need of a fuzzy friend, he decided to look for something a little more exotic.

While we don’t condone bringing a wild animal into your home, Hawn’s story with his hyena is seriously adorable. Raised from a cub in his Miami apartment, Hawn eventually knew he needed to bring Jake to a better environment. But the bond they share is still evident every time the man makes a trip to visit the cutie, as seen here when he arrived to help Jake celebrate his fourth birthday.


It’s impossible to deny the connection between these two. You can read more about their strange yet adorable story in Hawn’s eBook, How the Heck Did You End Up With a Hyena?