What Happened In The Sky Above Barcelona Was A Strange And Terrifying Event

Chemical warfare is a major threat to our modern world. People constantly worry about the threat of an atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, and a plethora of other chemical-based attacks that could injure, harm, and even kill countless people. Unfortunately, it appears as if there doesn”t need to be an attack for people to be at risk.

This was the scene surrounding a few small towns outside of Barcelona, Spain. A chemical explosion at a Simar facility created a massive orange chemical cloud. The cloud had residents hiding in their homes out of fear for their safety. One of the chemicals found in the cloud was nitric acid, which is incredibly harmful when inhaled.

(via EliteDaily)

Residents were initially asked to stay inside, though any restrictions have since been lifted due to the chemicals dispersing. Still, that”s a scary situation for anyone to see. It really makes you want to move far away from any place that may be home to a chemical plant. If only Homer Simpson were there to keep the people of Spain safe, I”m sure things would have been different.